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Holiday Cards Part 2

Just a few more examples of WHP’s awesome new Holiday Cards.  Contact us today for more information! FacebookTwitter

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Holiday Cards

Here are a few examples of some of the awesome holiday card templates WHP is offering this year.  We have many more options, just ask! FacebookTwitter

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Summer Trip to the Beach

I still remember the first day I met my husband, mainly due to two important personal tidbits he shared with me.  First, his name – I mean, who is really named “Cash”?  Secondly, that he was raised on an island.  Just picture it, little ole Yankee me, sitting in an airport when up walks this […]

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Brooks Family

I know I’ve said this before, and I’m sure I’ll say it again, but the best part about being a photogher is meeting new friends!  I had such a wonderful time with the Brooks family this past weekend.  I’ll give you the whole run down later, but for now, as I know Maria is very […]

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There is something to be said for having good friends.  Having good friends with kids is a big plus!  Having good friends with kids, who all play well and get along together is fantastic!  Thanks to the Turner family for hosting a fantastic Halloween get-together and trick or treating parade.  At one time we had […]

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