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A little Science anyone?

My whole life I’ve wondered if there was a scinetific fact behind the old saying “it’s so hot outside you can fry and egg on the sidewalk”.  Because there are very few things that a 7 year old boy wont try, Wildhairboy and I decided to test it out.  Click on the photo below for […]

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So, just what does Beckham bend?

Wildhairboy and I were lucky enough to be invited recently to the Dallas Debut of the LA Galaxy with David Beckham.  I must admit to being a bit star-struck.  I was just sure Tom and Katie would be there too!  I have to say I was very disappointed!  Not because we lost – FC Dallas […]

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Magally’s Baby Shower

A good friend from work is almost ready to pop, and so we decided to have a party and eat some cake.   Cant wait till the little one arrives so we can take some more photos.   FacebookTwitter

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First Time in First Class pt. 2

He was such a young man! Even insisted on drinking his soda from the prerequisite wine glass that comes on all the first class trays.     FacebookTwitter

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First Time in First Class pt 1

Just a few shots from Danny’s first trip in first class. He really lived it up – reading the paper and enjoying the warm lemon towels!     FacebookTwitter

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