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Wildhairboy had his weekly soccer game today. I have enjoyed so much, taking photos this spring – and his soccer team is the ultimate source of models. Here is a link to more photos of the team. FacebookTwitter

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I joined!

Thanks to my good friend over at thepaynechalentine, I’m now an official (card carrying) member of weight watchers…. I saw this poster and chuckled. FacebookTwitter

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Lego City

Wildhairboy has really gotten into Legos this year. I think we must own everyset imaginable. Here is “Lego City”, or what I used to refer to as my living room 😉 FacebookTwitter

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Work? Shh…. dont tell them – they are having too much fun…..

Who says work is no fun? I think my buddies at the Red Cross have proven this to be just a myth! Tell you what, give us some blow up monkey’s, hula-hoops and steel drum music, and we PARTY!!!! FacebookTwitter

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she aint heavy….

Ok, so maybe I’m taking this song title thing a little too far, but….. Is this you? It sure is me right now…. Here is the deal. I’ve been trying to get pregnant since Sept 2005 to no avail. I know I have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), so this complicates things. Not only do I […]

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